Birkbees recognizes that parents are the first and the most enduring educators.

We aim to work closely with parents by supplying information through parent’s evenings, open days, newsletters, daily verbal and written communication and information boards. By doing this we hope to have a positive impact on the child’s learning and development.
Throughout the year we plan sessions where parents can come and get actively involved in their child’s learning, these events are set in individual nurseries so please contact the setting for more information.

Each nursery has built close links with local schools to aid in the transition process. We have close links in the community, working with other professional to support children and their families.

We regularly visit the local library, shops and parks; this enables the children to learn about their wider community. We support local charities and have fundraising events throughout the year which parents are encouraged to support. We support local business by using local suppliers for food and hard consumables.

At all the nursery sites we produce our own electricity by using solar energy and encourage all our staff and children to be more aware of our impact on the environment by recycling and using less water and energy where possible.