Fundamental British Values

All children are encouraged to be individuals respecting all the people around them. They are taught the Fundamental British values which are


Children’s views count! they are encouraged to value each other’s opinions, make join decisions and take turns sharing resources and working together. 

Rule of law

We teach children to understand their own and others’ behaviour and its consequences, helping them to distinguish right from wrong. We work with the children to create rules and the codes of behaviour and ensure children understand that the rules apply to everyone

Individual liberty

We provide opportunities for children to develop their self knowledge, self esteem and to build their confidence through allowing them to take risks and talk about their own experiences. We allow children to explore the language of feeling and responsibility and reflect on their differences and we teach the children that everyone is free to have different opinions

Mutal respect and tolerance for those with different faiths

We promote diverse attitudes and challenge gender, cultural and racial stereotyping by providing resources and activities to support inclusivity and tolerance.

We value all our families’ views, faiths and cultures and actively encourage our families to help us celebrate and share the similarities and differences amongst us.

We expect all our staff, families and visitors to the setting to promote these values at all times.