At Birkbees Nurseries we are committed to the inclusion of children with special educational needs. Over the last 20 years we have cared for many children with special educational needs. We employ trained and experienced staff to provide individual care for children on a 1:1 basis where local authority funding is available. We have trained Special Educational Needs Coordinators (SENCOS’s) in the settings. Their role is to work closely with parents to ensure that there are systems in place to assess the needs of children attending the setting and where necessary, with parent’s consent, make referrals to the local authority. They also work closely with the staff team to plan and implement individual health care plans and then monitor and evaluate the child’s development. The SENCO and the support workers attend Team around the child meetings so that progress and be reviewed with other professionals. The SENCO’S in the setting attend training throughout the year to ensure that they keep up to date with current procedures and legislation.

The Local Offer

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