The staff Team

With over 100 staff across 4 settings, we know a thing or two about what makes an exceptional practitioner.

We are very proud of all the teams and support them to continue to develop through regular training and mentoring.

We recognise all the efforts made by holding an Annual Award Evening. Parents, children and staff nominate practitioners for a variety of awards including Parents Choice- Practitioner of the Year, Best Learning Environment and the Prestigious Nursery of the Year.

We also recognise long service with the company. Within the staff teams we have over 25 staff with over 10 years of service and another 30 whom have completed more than 5 years of service. This continued commitment to the business and ultimately to the children is something we are very proud of. This level of continuity is quite unique in Day Care and helps the children to make secure bonds with their cares.  We are confidence that we can provide continuity for you and your child.

Once a year we close all the nurseries for an Annual Training day. Continuous professional development is necessary to keep the staff teams up to date with quality learning and development experiences.

All the staff within the nurseries are, First Aid trained to a level appropriate to their responsibilities.

Over the coming year each setting will be applying for Millies Mark, a recognised paediatric First Aid Award. It acknowledges that children’s safety is at the forefront of our minds whilst caring for your child.