Our experienced staff team create exciting activities for your child to enjoy each time they come to nursery. We make learning fun by stimulating their interests and providing quality resources and enabling environments.

All the nurseries have beautifully planned rooms which allow children to move through the areas whilst accessing the continuous provision on offer. Spaces change and rooms evolve, allowing interests to be developed and deep level learning to take place

Our Baby Rooms

Our baby rooms offer fantastic environments for your young children to explore. The rooms allow your child to develop in all area of play, from creative, role play, physical play and sensory experiences.

Individual learning plans for babies ensure that your child receives excellent care from our dedicated baby room staff team.
We are very particular about standards of hygiene and in all our nurseries extra care and attention is taken.

From babies being weaned, their first food is introduced in close consultation with parents. We are then able to offer a wide variety of nutritious homemade baby foods specially prepared from fresh vegetables and fruit, with the gradual introduction of fish, and eventually meats (again in close liaison with you)

Every effort is made in communication between staff and parents to ensure complete confidence is maintained. A daily record is provided showing meals, sleeps and nappy changes as well as activities and developments. These are given to the parents/carers every day.

In our baby rooms we provide a staff-to-child ratio of 1:3. As the children become more and more confident and progress, we gradually introduce them to the next stage of development into toddlers.

Toddler Rooms

The children in the toddler room are encouraged to explore their environment with an excellent range of activities on offer daily. They have access to outdoor play facilities daily and can play alongside their friends in a safe and stimulating area.

The children are given lots of help and reassurance when they start toilet training and we work closely with our parents at this important stage to make it as smooth as possible. Each toddler room has their own bathroom to aid with toilet training.

The children are encouraged to be independent at meal times.

We are able to offer 15 hours of Free Early Education and Care (FEEC) to eligible two year old children. Information on the eligibility criteria is available from your health visitor from nursery or by visiting Kirklees Parent portal.

All our nurseries undertake the statutory integrated review at 2 . This check provides the parents/carers with a short written summary of their child’s development in the prime areas. This check identifies the child’s strengths and any areas where the child’s progress is less than expected.

We ask parents to share their health visitors check with the nursery in order to help us plan for their child's development.
For children aged between 2 and 3 years we provide a staff to child ratio of 1:4

Our Preschool Rooms

In our preschool rooms, our older children are taught and cared for by a team of fully qualified and highly experienced practitioners.

Our enabling environments help children to be stimulated and provide positive relationships that support the children to feel safe enough to explore. Children are given lots of opportunities to make decisions about where they play and what they would like to do. As we plan based on children’s interests it means they are more involved with their learning and the practitioners help to facilitate their play.

We work on getting our children “school ready” by encouraging the children to spend more time in small group activities where there are more focused learning outcomes. They spend time on the carpet for stories and circle time and help the practitioners with setting the tables for lunch and helping to tidy up. We expect children to be more independent at this age so they help prepare their own snacks and meals and get themselves ready for playing out.  

We are able to offer both the 15 and 30 hours Free Learning and Care and have various sessions available. Please contact individual setting for more information.

For children age 3+ years we provide a staff ratio of 1:8.

Stingers Out Of School Club

Stingers out of school club runs from two of our nurseries – Birkbees run a breakfast and after school club as well as the Holiday Club and Nursery Rhymes runs an after school club, term time only.

We provide care for children attending local Junior and Infant Schools. Please contact each setting for a list of schools.
We provide breakfast in a morning and a healthy home cooked tea is available on arrival from school.

The children enjoy a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities which the children are actively involved with planning.
The children have access to outdoor play facilities available all year round whilst indoor activities include creative, role play, film club and karaoke, to name a few.

In the school holidays we offer a holiday scheme where the children and parents help to plan trips. We have use of the company vehicles this means we can visit lots of interesting places. Download the latest itinerary in the downloads section above.