Working Together

“The bond between the child and their parents is the most critical influence on a child’s life. Parenting has a strong impact on a child’s educational development, behaviour, and mental health”

Every child matters

By working closely with us to build positive relationships, we can provide opportunities for you to be fully involved in your child’s care and education.

The nursery management team are always around for any support and advice you may need along the way. Raising a child can be a challenging time but rest assured we are all here to support you.

The key person system in place will provide you with a dedicated team member who will communicate daily on your child’s care and education in the setting and also give examples of how learning can be carried on at home.

The Key person is responsible for completing regular observations; these assist them in planning for your child’s development. We plan following children’s interests so we always welcome information from parents about their home interests too. We appreciate knowing all about home events and regularly encourage children to share information with staff members and their friends at circle time.

We also love to hear about special milestones in your child’s development, we call these “Wow Moments” these can be anything from learning to walk, using the toilet, writing their name, recognizing colours or any of the amazing things children say and do!

We complete termly assessments so we can track progress. This information is then used to plan for any gaps in development. We then look at closing these gaps by planning for your child’s individual needs. Our goal is to close these gaps and help your child make rapid progress.

Information on our topics and themes are displayed around the setting so all families can get involved. We will recommend how activities and interests can be carried on at home and will regularly send out ideas for activities that you and your child can be involved with.

Our Parents Evenings

Our Parents Evenings are held twice a year and give you the opportunity to make an appointment with your child’s Key Person to discuss your child’s development and to look at the most recent assessment. It also gives you chance to look around the nursery and meet other parents. The management team are also on hand should you need them.

All of this information is accessed through ParentZone an electronic learning journal which brings you closer to your child’s development in nursery. Let’s work in partnership to give your child the best start in life!

ParentZone allows you to see the observations and assessments from your smart devices and you can also upload images and observations of your own.

Download the guide here

Our Family leaning Events

Our Family leaning Events are held termly in each room. These provide opportunities not only for parents but any family member, to come in and spend time learning in the nursery. We welcome everyone to these sessions.

Do you have a special interest or skill you are willing to share? Can you spare time to read a story? We would love to hear from you!

We share information in many different ways so we effectively communicate with all families.

We are lucky to have many Bilingual staff across the settings so if you have a specific need just let us know. We provide information in printed form and by email, don’t forget to agree to these on the enrolment form! Each nursery has an information station where you will find all the latest news.

Our Facebook pages provide daily updates on the activities taking place, reminders of events and other useful childcare information…..take a look now at our social media page and like our pages, the links are given below: