Healthy Eating

Being a Food for life accredited group we all have a passion for food!

We provide the opportunity for every child to eat well and enjoy a varied diet.

Our aim is to give each child the means by which to learn about food and form healthy eating habits as this sets the foundations for their future health and well being.

Our menus are planned in house and we actively involve the children, parents and staff in this process.

We follow the children’s food trust guidelines to ensure we are meeting the needs of the children. 

We are passionate about providing the children with the necessary skills and knowledge to prepare and cook healthy food from the baby areas through to the preschool rooms. By getting children used to handling and tasting healthy ingredients increases their likely-hood of eating healthy ingredients and understanding how food is prepared.

We provide each nursery with the resources and equipment to support food education. Many food related activities are planned throughout the week based on the different stages of the children’s development.  The children are involved in preparing their own snacks daily as well as contributing to many dishes on the menu. Our cooks spend time each week with the children, preparing meals as well as growing vegetables, fruit and herbs.

All our nurseries employ qualified, experienced, enthusiastic and dedicated cooks who prepare and cook fresh meals and snacks on the nursery premises.

We use good quality, fresh, wholesome ingredients. We support local suppliers where reasonably practical and cater for a variety of special diets.

We work closely with you at all stages of weaning, providing homemade baby food.

Meal times are an enjoyable social experience where the children are encouraged to self select and be independent.

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