Our baby rooms offer fantastic environments for young children to explore. The rooms allow children to develop in all area of play, from creative, role play, physical play and sensory experiences.

Individual learning plans for babies ensure that your child receives excellent care from our dedicated baby room staff team.
We are very particular about standards of hygiene and in all our nurseries extra care and attention is taken.

From babies being weaned their first food is introduced in close consultation with parents. We are then able to offer a wide variety of nutritious homemade baby foods specially prepared from fresh vegetables and fruit, with the gradual introduction of fish, and eventually meats (again in close liaison with parents)

Every effort is made in communication between staff and parents to ensure complete confidence is maintained. A daily record is provided showing meals, sleeps and nappy changes as well as activities and developments. These are given to the parents/carers every day.

In our baby rooms we provide a staff-to-child ratio of 1:3. As the children become more and more confident and progress, we gradually introduce them to the next stage of development into toddlers.