This month the Tweenies have focused on Lifecycles and growth. They have been sowing/planting seeds to grow carrots in the nursery front garden and they have potted some green beans which are now ready to transfer from the pots inside to the outside garden…

 The children also planted their own sunflowers; they will be closely watching these grow, the children closely watched these grow in nursery first for a little while before they were sent home for the children to see how tall they would grow at home. This extended the children’s understanding of the world we live in.

The children have been watering plants and talking about how we care for the plants and the children explored by looking through magnifying glasses at flowers and berries. They have also been talking about trees and discussing where they find leaves, they have also been exploring the paints and leaves to create leaf printing pictures.

The children have also being learning about the lifecycle of a caterpillar and now are watching their very own caterpillars go through the metamorphic stages and hopefully will be able to release the ‘butterflies’ into the garden.. To reinforce this the tweenie’s have been looking at the story book ‘The hungry Caterpillar’. One of our children said “Caterpillar sleep in cocoon”. This encouraged the children early literacy.   To reinforce the children interest the children were given a variety of activities based on their interest, so the Tweenies then was able to explore the hungry caterpillar collage tuff tray where the children were able to explore the different materials to create their pictures, the children explored the curiosity table with natural materials to enhance their curiosity approach, and they enjoyed acting out the hungry caterpillar story using card board box.

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