On Friday 12th April we had Rachel Palmer from Kirklees Recycling attended nursery to talk to the children about composting. Rachel bought a large compost bin with her to show the children what happens when compost is made. She asked the children if they knew what can be put into a compost bin. Children replied by saying “apple peel”, “orange peel” and “fruit”. Rachel explained to the children about composting and what can be used with the props she had brought. Rachel explained that things that we put in the bin get eaten by some creatures.

“what creatures may live in the compost bin?” asked Rachel. “worms and spiders” said the children. Rachel showed the children sterilised soil with worms in it. Some children were very brave and held them. Rachel brought activities for the children to complete such as colouring pages and activity sheets. Some children took Rachel to show her our compost bin and what we showed her what we put in our compost

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