Easter Holiday Club 2019

Tuesday 23rd April until Friday 26th April
March 2019

• Open from 7:30am until 6:00pm and is charged per child, per day.

• The cost of a day in club includes breakfast, snacks, refreshments, lunch, cooked tea and activities.

• The cost of b day out includes breakfast, snacks, refreshments, cooked tea and trip cost.

• On trip days please send your child with a packed lunch unless stated otherwise

• Please ensure that your child is dressed in suitable clothing for the weather that day (spare clothes, wellies, sun cream, sun hat etc). On trip days if your child is 8 or under please could you send them with a spare change of clothing.


• Please note on trip days we will be leaving club at 8.45-9.00 so all children need to be in stingers for this time to attend the trip(staff will make you aware of the time children need to be in club before the day). Please be aware we may return back late from trips depending on traffic and if we need to stop for toilet breaks, if this is the case we will try our very best to inform parents of the late arrival.


NEW STARTERS to Holiday club – A £20 registration fee is payable upon receipt of this form.

Each day is charged at a flat rate of £28. On days that the children spend the day in club then a payment of just the £26 is due. On days that the children spend the day on a trip away from club then a payment of the £26 will be charged, plus the additional amount to cover the trip costs.

The amounts you need to pay for each day are black bold writing.

We also grant a sibling discount to those families who are booking more than one child in for holiday club. The sibling discount is given as a 10% deduction from the lowest child’s fees on the flat rate of £26.

Please be aware trips may get cancelled depending on how many bookings we have for these days and changed to one suitable for the numbers we have booked in, parents will be notified of these changes and the price may change due to this.

If your child is unable to attend days booked in for club these are still chargeable unless a weeks’ notice is given, days can be swapped if spaces are available. A charge may occur if you change from a trip day and this has already been booked to which the cost of the trip will still be payable.

• Below you will find the itinerary of the exciting things we will be getting up to this holiday club.

Please note that we will not be taking any further bookings after Friday 12th April 2019.

Also we will NOT ALLOW your child to attend any sessions booked if the sessions have not been paid for by Wednesday 17th April 2019.

Child’s FullName: D.O.B: Age:
Address of child:
Parents/Carers Name: Parent 1: Parent 2:
Contact details for parents: Parent 1: Parent 2:
*I give permission for my child to be included on social networking sites such as twitter/facebook and the company website (for communication links & marketing purpose)
Yes No
*I give permission for my child to have their photograph taken for display boards and holiday club scrap books
Yes No
Email Address:
Please ensure that you supply us with an email address as this is where your invoice for the week will be emailed to. Thank you
Does Your Child Have Any Special/Additional Needs?: YES / NO (if yes, please be specific) Does Your Child Have Any Dietary Requirements? YES / NO (if yes please ask for a dietary sheet upon handing this form in)
1) Additional Emergency Contact Name and Relationship To The Child:
2) Additional Emergency Contact Name and Relationship To The Child:

Date Main Activity/Trip and what you need Lunch Needed Flat Rate Trip costs Total due Tick if attending
Monday 22th April Bank Holiday 0
Tuesday 23rd April It’s time to let our inner explorers out with Forest School at Bullcliffe Woods, Wakefield (please ensure u send your child in water proof clothing and wellies) YES £28 £15 £43
Wednesday 24th April Who is going to win with Games Day before settling down for a relaxing afternoon with movie afternoon £28 £28
Thursday 24th April Time to get competitive and see who is the fastest with Sports Day YES £28 £28
Friday 25th April Time to get messy with Slime and Kinetic Sand day £28 £28
I accept & agree that the number of days booked I will have to pay for by Wednesday 17th April I understand if I have not paid by this date then my child will not be able to attend the days that I have booked
Name :
Signed :

Office use only
Deposit paid (new starters only)
Handed in by deadline
Diet form filled out if child has allergies
Days on connect
Parent Invoiced
Parents emailed invoice
Payment made by due date