Busybees Blog
March 2019

This term busybees theme has been Life Cycles. We organised a special delivery for the children on their arrival back from half term. These were Living eggs. This was so the children could experience the eggs in their incubator, then hatch into chicks and then watch them grow. The children were really excited once the eggs started to hatch and wouldn’t stop watching the incubator; they even pulled their parents away from to entrance to see them. Once the chicks had become stronger the children were allowed to clean their home and feed them. Some children were brave enough to stroke the chicks very carefully.

This experience was a great learning opportunity for the children as they got to see firsthand on how chicks are born and how they grow. The children understood how the chicks needed to be fed so they would grow. During this time children took part in different activities showing they understood the life cycle and how it develops.