2Bees Blog
January 2019

2bees home learning over the weekend was to sing children’s favourite songs and nursery rhymes, then to extend this by adding pots and pans to create music with. One child and her family have extended this activity by using recycled materials to make their own instruments. When the child came into nursery she showed she was very proud of what she had achieved when showing her finished product to her friends. As she was doing so she demonstrated to her fiends how to use her shaker and sang her favourite song as she did.

As a room we decided to continue this as nursery by planning a focused activity to make musical instruments with recycled materials and meet a learning goal we are focusing on for this term. This activity went really well and the children showed lots of interest and involvement when exploring the different sounds and showed they could meet the learning outcome set out as they were able to create sounds and showed an interest in the way the instruments sounded.