The Value of the Treasure Basket
February 2019

The treasure basket was developed by Elinor Goldschmeid. The idea of a treasure basket is to support the personal, social and emotional development of babies who are able to sit up. This activity offer’s babies and young children opportunity to explore experiment and make choices at their own pace.

We use the baskets within nursery to support our babies learning along with Heuristic play.

Ideally the baskets should be round and filled with everyday items such as paint brushes, metal objects such as spoons, whisks.

Items that make a sound, a bell, bunch of keys.

Natural objects such as, feathers, fir cones, larger pebbles and shells.

The baskets should also include different materials, paper, wooden objects and some fresh fruits such as lemons and limes to promote the all round sensory development of the baby.