First Class - Newsletter September 2018


Please can we remind all our parents/carers if you change your phone number, address or e-mail to let the staff know so we can update our records in the office. It is so important we have current contact details in case we urgently need to contact you.


Please could we kindly ask for you to refrain from bringing in a large framed pram and where possible use a small foldable buggy. All prams must be closed before they go into the pram area. This is for health & safety reasons this is now moved to the storing room under the stairs.


Please can we remind you about our no toys from home policy, children have slowly started bringing toys into nursery again and we cannot be held responsible for the where abouts or care of these toys throughout the day.


Please could we ask all parents/ carers to bring in a change of clothes for their children as we have no spare clothes to put the children in. Please use a small bag as there is limited space on the coat pegs or you also have the choice of using a nursery pump bags.

Please ensure your child is wearing appropriate foot wear especially for outdoor play. We also would recommend you to bring appropriate outdoor clothing as the children play out in all weathers.
As the weather may get warmer could you please bring a sun hat and sun cream for your child. Also could we kindly ask for you to write your child’s name in all items of clothing.


Our medication policy states that we are only able to administer calpol for up to 48 hours any other medication must be prescribed by your GP. Please complete the required paperwork when bringing medication into the setting. We also require medication to be taken home when finished as apart from long term medication, we are unable to store any medication that is not in use.

Please see the medication policy for more information.


Never miss a moment of your child’s development at Nursery!

Please could we remind parents to check their emails to register for Parent Zone. Parent zone will allow you to log into a secure webpage to see a select quantity of your child’s information including:
Your child’s learning journeys, you can even contribute to your child’s learning journey. You can see your weekly & monthly bookings, an account statement showing bills and payments and also daily reports.



If your child is not going to be in nursery for the day, please could you let a member of staff know or telephone nursery first thing in the morning. If you wish to book holidays at half fees a holiday request form needs to be completed and submitted to the office at least four weeks in advance. If you do not inform anyone about your holiday then unfortunately you will still have to pay full fees. Holiday request forms are available in the entrance and office.


Parents who have children in the baby room, must press the buzzer for the baby room when outside the building. Then when you have entered you must press the bell outside the baby room door so a member of staff can let you into the room. We would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone about the importance of security throughout the nursery. Please can you make sure the front door is closed before and after you enter the building. Please do not allow anyone to walk into the setting behind you even if you think you know who they are.

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Term Dates 2018

  • Term start Thursday 6th September
  • Macmillan Coffee Morning Saturday 29th September 10am-12pm
  • Grandparents day Monday 17th September @10am-11am

Family learning events -

  • Bumblebees Monday 1st October 10am-11am
  • Pre-school Thursday 11th October 10am-11am
  • Babies Tuesday 16th October 10am-11am
  • Sunflowers and Bluebells Tuesday 9th October 10am-11am
  • October half term Monday 29th October
  • Tempest photography Visit Wednesday 7th November
  • Parents Evening Thursday 22nd November
  • Christmas Dinner 5th December
  • Children’s Christmas Party Thursday 13th December 

Christmas closure dates

  • Funding session finishes Friday 21st December and start again Monday 7th January.
  • Nursery will be open on Monday 24th December and will close at 6pm until Wednesday 2nd January.

Family learning event

We would like to invite all parents/carers into nursery to take part in our family learning event, this give you the opportunity to get involved with a variety of activities and see what your child get up to on a daily bases.

Babies activities- all about me activities, music and movement session.

Bumblebees activities- Celebration themed activities

Preschool activities- sciences in early years.

Sunflowers/Bluebells activities- science activities in early years


September till October Half term the topic all rooms will be doing will be All about me. This will allow the staff and children to do a variety of activities of getting to know each other and their families, looking at difference between each other.  This will follow on to celebrations, which will include Diwali, Christmas. We will be visiting the local places of worship. 


As you all may have noticed we have two new members of staff, Nicolle who is based in the Bumblebees room who is also the senior. Dionne who went to our sister nursery is now back working in our Pre-school room both staff are full time all year round. We would like to inform you that Jess will be moving out of the baby room and into the bumblebees room. For Continuous for the movers from babies to bumblebees.
Melissa is also back from Maternity after a nice long year off and she will be based in the preschool room working 3days. Job sharing with Claire.

Home learning

We are starting to get parents/carers more involved with their children’s learning, and we are hoping that you can all take part. We are going to ask on a termly basis for a pieces of work from yourself and your child to enhance your children learning not only at nursery but also at home. This half term we are looking at All about me topic, so we would like you to help your child create a self-portrait of themselves using a paper plate provided from your room. We will ask you to bring them into nursery so we can display your child’s achievements we look forwarded to seeing them.


As you are aware we had an inspection during the summer holidays, we are over the moon to announce that we was graded OUSTANDING!!
We would like to take this opportunity to thank not only the staff team for their excellent performance, but also our parents for all their continuous support. Look out on updates for a party

WOW Board

We would like to involve all parent/carers to help us celebrate your child's 'wow' moments at home and in the setting. As you know your children say the best, most funny and clever things, while also amazing us by doing the unexpected I.e counting in order. We want make sure we are sharing these moments with each other and also document in your child's learning journals. Please pick up a slip from the cloakroom and share with us and we will also display our 'wow' moments to share with you.

Thank you from the bumblebees