Children Come First
October 2018

The children led our planning through their next steps, interests and personalities their wants and needs are crucial to us and these help us as practitioners motivate and inspire them to learn develop and become secure in their development.

Here is an example of one of our Tweenie practitioners following her key child, this child has a real passion for caring for others and playing in the home corner. This child spent time making some food for the baby and dressing the baby, ready for bed.

The teaching focus for this activity was to model pretending an object is something else, and help develop roles and stories.

The areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage that were met were, from Expressive arts and design 22- 36 months:- Beginning to make-believe by pretending.

From understanding the world 22-36 months:- In pretend play, imitates everyday actions and events from own family and cultural background, e.g. making and drinking tea.