Tweenies Family Learning Event
November 2018

Fixbees Day Care schedules a family learning event each month and in turn, each room hosts one of these events..

The staff invited parents and carers to come and join their children’s at nursery to help support their children’s learning. Tweenie room learning event was based on as story about new shoes...

Christine from Pyjama Drama delivered the session encouraging staff, parents and children to form a large circle and one by one introduce themselves…

She give good explanation as to what they would be expected to do…

Christine told the story about “new Shoes”, they were encouraged to explore their imagination… by mirroring what actions she was doing…

She also delivered a action song and rhyme session…

EYFS Outcomes

  • Personal, Social & Emotional – joining in with new experiences
  • Music & movement – moving their whole bodies to sounds they enjoy, such as music or regular beat
  • Communication & language – listens to, enjoys rhythmic patterns in rhymes
  • Expressive arts & design – joining in singing songs

Feedback from parents

  • “Really enjoyable fun”
  • “good fun, would come again”
  • “very good fun for both children and adults”