Preschool Family Learning Event
November 2018

Fixbees Day Care schedules a family learning event each month and in turn, each room hosts one of these events.. The staff invited parents and carers to come and join their children’s at nursery to help support their children’s learning. Preschool learning event was based on the story book “The Little Red Hen”.

The learning event was started with one of the Early Years Practitioner’s reading the story. The story is about the little red hen who wanted to bake bread, none of her friends wanted to help through the process of growth to harvest to baking…

EYFS Outcomes

Personal, Social & Emotional, - Mathematical – Science – Understanding the World

The practitioner give the children opportunities to use their recall skills and repeat some of the phrases from the book. After the children had listened to the story they were then given a choice of different activities to participate in. One group of children made their own bread from a recipe, they weighed out the ingredients, they measured liquids, they talked about quantities, measures, science – how the bread would change…. They mixed the ingredients together before kneading them with their hands.

Another group tasted different breads from around the world, they shared their evaluations with each other, what it tasted like, did they like the taste, different textures… At the end of the session Parents/Carers were given the opportunity to take a copy of the recipe home with them….