Babies Go Explore
December 2018

The babies have shown great interest in the outdoors and a wide range of activities that occur outside. They have using a wide variety of different sounds and being very vocal as they explore their environment.

They are expressing an interest in mark making outside so we have ensured we have an assortment of media. We have looked at colours and using specific colours throughout the activities for example just blue chalk and wax/ pencil crayons. As the children created the marks we spoke about shapes such as circle and square.

The younger children were showing us their physical development by exploring the ramps and ball pool.

The areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage that were met were, from Expressive Arts and Design 16-26 months:-Notices and is interested in the effects of making movements which leave marks.

Physical Development8-20-months: -Crawls, bottom shuffles or rolls continuously to move around.