At First Class Nursery we celebrated Chinese New year

through various activities and had lots of fun.

Baby room enjoyed exploring and painting in red & gold paint. These colours are symbolic to Chinese New Year. They also had fun exploring different textures such as noodles & rice as well as getting a taste of the Chinese cuisine.

Bumblebees enjoyed dancing to Chinese music getting into the spirit of Chinese new year as well as making their own lanterns & spring rolls out of playdough.

Pre-school have enjoyed exploring the story ‘the tiger

that came to tea’. Mark making Chinese symbols in the sand, learning and looking at a language that’s different. Pre-school also role-played in their very own Chinese restaurant cooking up some yummy dishes.

Bluebells & Sunflowers were very creative and made their own lucky money envelopes with red and gold glitter. They made marks on pictures that symbolise Chinese new year such as a tiger & dragon. They really enjoyed playing in the home corner role playing, cooking up feasts and dressing up in Chinese cultural clothes.

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