It is said that around 30 million tonnes of waste in the UK is generated from households! By encouraging recycling, less of the world’s resources get used and less harmful gases get emitted into the atmosphere. 

At Birkbees we are encouraging children to recycle and teaching them how important this is. We have looked at the 3 R’s of environment.

The 3 R’s of environment stand for reducereuserecycle.

Reduce: Try and reduce the amount you buy and consume when and where you can to avoid more packaging and rubbish being thrown out than necessary.

Reuse: Reuse what materials you can whether it be for crafts or handy home solutions.

Recycle: Finally, recycle as many materials as you can to avoid more waste than necessary.
We have been trying to teach children the importance of recycling through recycling games and activities such as; using egg boxes to plant seeds, plants and potatoes before planting them out in our nursery garden. Not only does this teach children how ordinary items can be reused, but it also gives them the chance to care for their own plant and to look forward to trying some homegrown fruit and vegetables.

We have played bowling with empty, weighted plastic bottles.

We have made recycling bins and children sort items in to paper, cardboard and plastic.

We have used waste materials to make collages and art work for display around nursery.

The children have used recycled wood and other items to create impressive woodwork projects.

 Children had a visit from Kirklees recycling team who brought along items made from “rubbish” to show children how things can be reused, as well as talking about single use plastic and how plastic damages our environment.
 We hope you will encourage your children to recycle at home, if your child enjoys playing supervised games on line then take a look at Fun Kids Live or Science Kids. Take out some books on recyclingfrom the library. Talk to your child when you are adding rubbish to your own recycling bins.

Let’s all recycle and save the environment for our children!

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