Within the Birkbees Group we aim to equip the children within our care with the necessary tools to become successful learners, confident individuals, responsible and effective contributors. Persona Dolls promote personal, social and emotional development  

 The use of Persona Dolls is an excellent idea especially in our multicultural society.  It teaches our children about other cultures and lets them realise that everyone is different be it background, race or colour.  It is a good learning tool for the children as they grow up to be able to integrate with all races and cultures irrespective of background. 

 The Persona Doll approach offers an effective, stimulating, non-threatening and enjoyable way to combat discrimination, foster emotional literacy, raise equality issues and empower children. The Dolls and their stories develop children’s ability to empathise, to appreciate that name calling, teasing, exclusion from play and treating other people unfairly causes pain and unhappiness just like hitting, kicking and other physical responses do. Children are encouraged to stand up when they experience or witness unfairness and prejudice. A tall order but if the Dolls are embedded in an anti-discriminatory and culturally appropriate curriculum they are well able to meet the challenge. 

Successful learners 

Persona dolls encourage our children to become successful learners through:  discussions and learning in everyday situations  promoting learning enabling the children to be creative and expressive, to work with others, to develop an    appreciation of aesthetic and cultural values and ideas, and to prepare for advanced learning when they go to primary school  developing positive attitudes and respect for one another

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