WOVEN is a festival celebrating the Kirklees Textile Industry from the
past, present and future. There were lots of events throughout Kirklees
with mill walks, craft markets, theatre productions and exhibitions.
Birkbees joined in the fun and did textile based activities with the
children. Honeybees did hand and foot printing on a large sheet of
cloth. Bumblebees printed on the cloth using animal stamps and
Queenbees made their own stampers using blocks of wood, string and
buttons and other objects. They also did some weaving on a large scale
with plastic trellis and material. Busybees printed a table cloth for their
small world table, using animal footprints and shapes. 2bees used
different textured ribbon to thread and weave patterns.

Well done to everyone, we have some lovely textile works of art on
display at Birkbees.

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