Today at Fixbees Day care we held a learning event in all rooms for Grandparents and Fathers Day…

The children used their physical skills to join in with music and movement whilst following simple instructions from our well loved CD ‘Sticky Kids’.

The children in all rooms engaged their Dad’s, Grandma’s and Grandad’s in the music and movement session. Halfway through the children were reminded about taking a drink break and the importance behind this. Alongside this children were supported by their loved ones in planting their seeds to grow at home…. The children enjoyed listening to stories about dad’s and grandad’s and to round this up they presented their loved ones with a biscuit that they had helped bake and decorate…

Aims of the learning event: to teach children about growth, the importance of exercise.  

And valuing the family unit particularly dad’s and grandparents

Parent/Grandparent Feedback:

Great hour spent with all the children, Fun and good to get involved   Dad Preschool Room

Exhausting fun, see you next year!! – Grandad Preschool Room

I enjoyed sharing the time with my daughter and friends and seeing the fun they had singing and dancing – Dad Preschool Room

I thoroughly enjoyed today and it was great to see how my son interacted with the rest of his group.

I can see how he is developing every day and it is great to see how he enjoys being at nursery.

Dad Tweenie Room

Today was a very useful experience attending the nursery school and watching the young children engage in activities. There were lots of activities to support children with their development and the staff were very helpful in the support provided.

I was impressed with the facilities.

Grandma Tweenie Room

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