Over the last two weeks Fixbees preschool have been learning about different lifecycles; Caterpillars to Butterflies and eggs to chicks…

Firstly the eggs arrived on Monday morning and the staff and children were briefed on what would happen over the next few days… The children would need to follow the few health and safety rules on how to care for the chicks, and watch the changes happen…

First cycle – pipping and hatching. Pipping is when the first cracks begin to appear in the shell and can take up to 24 hours before the chick hatches.

Second cycle – caring for the chicks ….

Once all eggs and gone through the first cycle we now needed to care for the chicks. The children watched them hatch and over the next couple of days and they were then moved across from the incubator to the brooder.

Once the chicks had grown a little the children did observational drawings of the chicks, carefully paying attention to detail of what they could see….

Sarah discussed with the children what the chicks needed to help them grow and how many boys and girls we had in total. She explained about the different colourings of the chicks… girl chicks are brown and the boy chicks are yellow…

Shannen brought the babies up to look at the chicks and Andreas used his knowledge of sign language and used this to say chickens with his arms

Remi said “chick, chick”..

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