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April 2019 Newsletter

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the Stingers newsletter.
We are planning on doing
a newsletter every
half term to keep
you up to date
with events in club I
would just like to take
the time to thank all our
parents and carers who
are using have used our
setting for your continued
support and encouragement.

What is happening in Club?

We would like to say farewell
to Amy who leaves at Easter.
The stingers staff are now
Nicola, Mariam, Rebecca
and Ewa Keresha is also
part of the club staff now
and she will be working
with staff in their absence.

What’s coming up?

We are looking at Growing,
Food, Outdoors and Summer!

The children were all
asked about activities they
would like to take part in,
keep your eyes peeled.

Behaviour Management

In April we will be re-introducing
our behaviour management
system in club.

This will focus on praising
and rewarding children

We hope this will motivate the
children to show good behaviour
and have a general respect
for staff and club

The rewarding system we
will be using is a sunflower
chart. Where the children
will hopefully grow and
met the sun. Those children
who are on the sun by the
end of the week will receive
a certificate and a prize.
Please could you fill
out the parent
questionnaire attached
and return ASAP Thank you Stingers team

This is so we can ensure
we’re meeting the
needs of the children
and your selves.

If the service is failing
to meet your expectations
and you need to raise
concerns with staff then
we have private space
available for this away
from the children.

The staff will also use
this space if they need
to discuss private matters
with parents.

At the end of this half
term we will be looking
at a reward night at
club or perhaps bowling again!!

As we had a ball of a
time! And the children
were excellently behaved
and a real credit to yourselves.
New routine in club

Over the past few weeks
we have been trailing
a newtea time system.
They have taken to it
well and tea is
becoming a nice talking
point for the children.

Our planning in Stingers is
based very much on the
children’s interests and time of year.
The staff collectively come
up with ideas and each
take a week to ensure the
children have their
needs meet, In the
setting and are actively engaged and inspired


Would you like your child to do homework at club? If so, please let a member of staff know. Primarily we are here as an afterschool service where children are free to be able to choose the activities on offer, whilst we are happy to support willing children we won’t enforce homework with any child.

Late Fees

Can we remind parents and carers that we do have a late collection fee. If you are late in collecting your child from nursery you are asked to pay the members of staff on duty at the time. The cost is £5 part/per 15 minutes that you are late. You are required to give this payment in cash.


Please can we remind you that fees must be paid in advance. If you are two weeks or more in arrears your child’s place maybe suspended until all outstanding fees have been cleared. If your child is absent from club all booked session need to be paid. If you need your fees explaining, feel free to ask a member of staff.

Contact details

Please can you ensure that the nursery has any of your updated contact information. This is very important should we need to reach you in an emergency.

Sickness and absence

It is vital that you inform club about any sickness or absence. Whether that be via phone or letting us know a day before. It is important you follow this through as it is a safeguarding issue

Parent contribution

We would like parents to contribute more when it comes to activities for the children so if you have any suggestions, we would love to hear from you. You know your child best, therefore by contributing you’re ensuring the activities your child is partaking in are enjoyable and stimulating.

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