Trip to Cannon Hall Farm

All week the children have been counting down the sleeps to our visit to Cannon Hall Farm. . Cannon Hall Farm opened to the public for the first time in 1989. It is now one of the largest farm attractions in the UK

We talked about what animals we might see; how we were getting there, learning about different transport and what else we might do there, planning some learning activities with the children to extend their understanding the world.

The day finally arrived and we had 28 very excited children, who were looking forward to the visit. We were lucky with the weather and so we got the children ready, all going to the toilet and sun cream on. They were all looking out of the window waiting for the coach. When the coach arrived they were all shouting it’s here, it’s here. The children were then counted onto the coach and everyone was ready to go.

The journey was good, with some of the children asking are we there yet, before we even got onto the main road, and then again when they seen some cows in a field.

Once at the Farm, we followed our guide to the farm. She explained everything to the children and we but our packed lunches into room number 3. We were given our guide time and asked to meet our farmer at 11.15.

While we waited we looked first at the fantastic meerkat enclosure and counted 2 baby ones. The children then went to play in the tube maze; some of them said “it’s dark in here”. They were all confident moving around developing their physical skills. We then looked at the chickens and talked about where eggs come from, before walking up to the round house to look at the animals there. We seen sheep and the goats they have lots of goats of various different breeds.

We then had a walk around and seen horses and the two reindeer, Dancer and Prancer.

We then met our farmer he showed round the rest of the farm and let the children feed the animals. We seen the pigs and the baby piglets, one mummy pig had 10 baby piglets, we tried to count them but they wouldn’t stay still.

We then waited taking turns to stroke a rabbit and a guinea pig. After that we washed our hands talking about hygiene and why we wash our hands because of germs.

After this we were all hungry and ready for our packed lunch. We went to find our room, looking for the number 3 on the door. The children all sat down and had their lunch. During lunch we talked about the different animals we had seen and feed. After lunch we went to the adventure playground, the children enjoyed playing on the new equipment and were confident, climbing, swinging and taking turns on the big swing.  The children seemed to have a good time and we learnt lots of different things about the animals on the farm.