When Doctor Johnson Came To The Nursery

The children were very excited as Gracie had been telling them all last week that mummy and her were coming to nursery with their doctor’s bags. Doctor Johnson works in the local community and explained to the children what her job entailed. Her job was helping to make people better. Both Dr Johnson and Dr Grace brought along their doctor’s kits, Grace looked the part wearing her doctors white coat too.

Doctor Johnson brought along with her a wonderful jigsaw (which she kindly donated at the end thank you Petra) showing the different body parts and organs which make up the body. She divided the children into two groups and as teams they worked together putting the jigsaw together, lots of questions and screams of delight on parts they were able to identify ‘oh look that’s a leg’ and ‘oh look that’s his head’. Brandon glanced across at me and said ‘look Angie we are doing a jigsaw’. Dr Johnson then went on to talk to the children about the many amazing tools she carries in her doctor’s bag such as the stethoscope, ear and pulse monitor.

Dr Johnson explained what she uses her stethoscope for ‘I listening to your heart.’ Would you like to listen to your heart Dr Johnson asked the children. Lots of eager hands were raised and Brandon was one of the first to listen. Petra asked him ‘what does it sound like?’ Brandon said ‘like a drum,’ giving her one of his cheeky grins! Harmony listened to hers, pulled a face but did agree that it sounded like a drum.

Dr Grace and Dr Johnson together went through their doctor’s kits talking about what they had in, Dr Grace pulled out some glasses from her bag and said ‘these are to help you see,’ she pulled out a syringe, ‘this helps you stop getting poorly or sick.’ Dr Grace and Dr Johnson went through their doctor’s kits each in turn pulling out the many different instruments used to help a doctor identify and establish someone’s illness or injury.



Dr Grace was animated as she told the other children what her clever mummy did and took great delight in helping demonstrate what each instrument was used for, She was a little unsure about the otoscope and didn’t really want her mummy looking into her ears! Dr Grace bounced back and enjoyed helping her mummy show us how we could also listen to our breathing with the stethoscope, how we could take our pulse and what did they think Doctors give medicine for and why we needed to be careful with them.

Well with no further prompted Dr Grace told the children that ‘if you take the lid off (referring to tablets in a medicine bottle) and you swallowed it by accident the grownups would be very cross,’ and ‘because you can’t touch them cos medicine can make you very sick,’ Grace repeated ‘don’t touch the medicine,’ the children listened intently, one or two nodding their heads as if in agreement!

The next trick up Dr Johnson’s sleeve was a fantastic demonstration about why we should wash our hands properly. She asked for a balloon, glitter and a little bit of water, she blew the balloon up, put some water on the outside and then put the glitter on top. She asked Dr Grace to pass the balloon around the group explaining as they went about getting rid of bugs and germs and how they spread. Dr Grace said ‘we get rid of the bugs by washing them away’, this was quickly followed by ‘I need to wash my hands’ by the majority of the group!

Whilst the children were washing their hands Dr Grace took over and passed the doctor’s instruments around to the remaining children and telling them what that particular item was used for.  A massive thank you from all at Fixbees for delivering this amazing session Petra and once again for our jigsaw. And thank you to Dr Grace too, mummy couldn’t have done it without you!