Training Day

This year’s Birkbees Group training day was held on Friday 19th February at Birkbees. Once everyone had signed in and had welcome refreshments and a catch up chat, they split in to groups to begin the day.
All the staff who work with over 3’s headed for Stingers where Jo Barker was to spend the morning talking about how to deliver maths and understanding of the World in the curriculum. These were areas of the EYFS noted by staff for development.
The under 3’s staff were split in to two groups led by Diane Wilkinson and Vanessa White. Upstairs in the training room Diane talked about Enabling Environments, looking at indoor and outdoor provision.
Downstairs in honeybees Vanessa looked at attachment theories, treasure baskets and heuristic play.
Time for lunch! Jenny (Nursery Rhymes cook) and Rose (First Class cook) had spent the morning providing individual lunch boxes for staff with a selection of sandwiches, crisps ,fruit and a chocolate biscuit.
In the afternoon the over 3’s staff went back to Stingers for a fun packed Science Workshop whilst the under 3’s changed places and enjoyed the training session they hadn’t done in the morning.
The day went really well and all the staff came away with some great ideas to enhanced the provision at their respective nurseries.