Heuristic Play

“Acquiring tools for learning”


We are collecting again and would like your help in providing the following materials.

We refreshed our knowledge on heuristic play at our staff training day in February and your help in gathering these resources would be brilliant so we can implement it through out the nurseries


 We want to collect the following items:

Boxes, tins with lids, cotton reels, cones, coasters, pieces of wood, tubes, pegs, shells, stones, Dolly pegs to peg around a box or a stainless steel bowl, curtain rings, paper towel holder, cup tree, bangles/bracelets, lengths of chain/beads, ribbon, scarves, balls of different sizes and textures, tubes, cones, pompoms, wooden door knob, cone shaped shells etc, pine cones, leaves, containers and lids, baskets with handles, large jars, bags, containers with small and large openings, baskets that fit inside one another, metal objects, small objects to put in jars and be shaken, a wooden stick for banging, small cardboard boxes, wooden egg cups, yoghurt pots, kitchen roll tubes, empty sweet tins, paper cake cases, paper bags, plastic milk bottle tops, small metal buckets, small metal pudding basins, insides of chocolate boxes, different sized tins, metal bowls, wooden bowls and raffia coasters.